Friday, August 7, 2009

House Mouse Strawberries Card 8-7-09

Today has been a rough day. My bp is up and I'm not feeling good. I took a nap earlier to try to get rid of this stinkin headache and it just wont budge. Anyway....trying to just fool around with some cards...trying to relax and "rest" as the dr made me promise I'd do. I feel horrible because the girls at work had a cake for me today and I ruined their plans along with my husbands plans to suprise me with flowers at work tonight. Not the way I like to miss work. I really love the people I work with. Its a great crew =0)

Hope you like the card.....oh smells like strawberries too!!! Thanks to cardscents
from Cindy at I love, love, love her cardscents!!! They just add a little something extra to your cards. I only have 6 smells right now.....hope to build them slowly so I don't break the bank.

Hope you are having a blessed day.

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