Saturday, August 8, 2009

My birthday.....better than I could have dreamed

Yesterday was rough. Today...much better. I can't believe how many phone calls, emails, and texts I have gotten today. My online many birthday wishes. I feel like a queen today. I have a cake waiting for me at work for tomorrow (since I ruined their plans on Friday). My kiddos and my hubby got me a new watch that is beautiful. Hubby surprised me yesterday with balloons and flowers (was gonna bring them to work....oops). And he gave me a gift certificate for a new scrap toy that is coming out in the fall. I love that he supports my hobbies =0) We ate like total pigs on seafood today.............can you say fat and happy!!!! My mom made me a beautiful card....the kids actually wrote in my card which is huge....made me cry !!! Lol. We are going dancing and to see a band later tonight. I don't want this day to end. I want to thank everyone for making my day soooooo special. 41 isnt bad at all.

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