Monday, August 31, 2009

Updated Wedding Candle and New Wedding Card 8-30-09

Okay.....took the candle holder and plate to work today to show some of the gals because in my eyes it isn't perfect. I wanted to make sure it would be okay to give her as a gift. They all loved it or at least said they't we always the most critical of our own work. I'm just happy that my blood pressure is starting to respond to the meds and I am getting my craft mojo back. I went to Michaels today and found this super neat candle that runs on batteries. Since the bridal shower for work is at work...we can't burn a real policy =0) This candle looks real when it is burning and even has a scent to it!!! Love it !!! I got some little candies to put around the plate too. I hope it looks okay tomorrow. I did a card for the actual wedding too. I really like how the old picture turned out. I'm off to get some more cards done. I can't see much of my craft room floor right I may as well keep going right ?!

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