Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday MOM 10-5-09

I almost posted this card when I finished it! Just as I was getting ready to hit dawned on me that my mom reads my blog !!!!! That was one of the reasons I started it was so that she could always see what I'm working on. DUH =0)

It was a fun card to do. I tried using some colors and more embellishments than I normally do. It turned out really cute. And of course, I had to use card scents from Cindy at . They are amazing. I think I put Apple Crisp on this on.....can you say YUMMY!

Mom called and said this is one of her favorite cards=0) It made me feel good that she was so happy with it. That's why I make my cards. I love for people to feel special and see how much I love them.

Mom.....maybe one day we will live close together again. I really miss you!!!

Happy Birthday MOM =0)
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