Thursday, November 6, 2008

My new ATG 700....don't know what I did without it !!!!

I have a great husband! He encourages me to get stuff for my crafting all the time. I am the one that tends to try to limit my purchases. I was telling him about the different ATG type guns out there and the cost difference of using them vs using the little tape runners from the store. He asked me why I didn't have one yet if it would be better for me. I am so spoiled =0) I found a great price on the ATG 700 thru one of our local framing stores and he told me to go get it or that he would (and he would too). I went today and got the gun and 6 rolls of tape. It should last me for a long time!!! The guy at the store showed me how to load it and use it. They were fantastic there. He explained the differences of all the different types of tapes and how to get the most for my money. I paid $ 35.10 for the ATG 700 (way cheaper than most online places) and $ 13.75 for 6 rolls of 1/2 inch tape. It works like a charm. I found myself looking for things to glue lol....even the kids got in on the action. I will list the store info below....they said they'd be happy to mail by UPS to anyone that is interested.

Hampton Roads Wholesalers

ATG 700 $ 35.10
generic 1/2 in tape $ 13.75 (6 rolls/36 ft each)
3M 1/2 in tape $ 3.18 per roll, $35 a box of 12
3M Gold $ 42.95 for a box of 12

Have fun !!!!!
I'm getting ready to go decorate mine =0)

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