Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Christmas cards for a friends son at work 9-21-09

A girl at works son made the people in his family birdhouses for Christmas. She asked if I had any stamps that would make good Christmas cards for him. She only needed 6 of them, so I whipped these together. I just LOVE House Mouse! The card bases are the packs of 10 cards that you can get at Michaels. The rest is cardstock, ribbon, etc. from my stash. They didn't take too long to do and were a lot of fun. She said they were perfect =0)
When she asked me how much I wanted for each I had no idea. I'm sooooooo horrible at that. I told her just to catch up with me later and whatever she felt was
appropriate would be fine. Any ideas girls ? How do you price your stuff?

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