Saturday, October 3, 2009

10-3-09 New Scrap Rm in Progress =0)

My husband and I wanted to have all of our work out stuff in one room, so I am giving up my closed in office. I moved all my scrapbooking stuff in one day and got it all reorganized. That was no small feat! I have lots of stuff. Now mind you, I still have a lot of other crap up in my old office that I need to find new homes for. We got rid of my old desk that was falling apart. We are selling the big tv that is SOOOOO in my way right now. Once we sell the big tv, my hubby is going to buy me a flat screen to hang above my desk. Woo Hoo.........scrapping and watching tv =0) I ended up getting the white cube system at Michael's HALF OFF !!!! They were on sale for 30% off and the clerk had a coupon she let me use for an additional 20%. I am a happy girl. The new set up will allow me to scrap with my mom when she comes.....that makes me really happy. She has MS and it is really hard (and scary) for her to navigate my steps to my old office upstairs. Also, my friend Debi, will be able to scrap with me now too.....she can't do stairs much at all. The room also gives me a lot more working space to scrap with a couple friend....that
makes me really happy too. Still more work to do ... but this is the room so far.

I'm really happy with it and can't wait to get done cleaning so I can craft in it !!!!


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