Monday, October 12, 2009

10-11-09 Birthday Card Christmas House Mouse

This is another of my December Birthday cards for work. I just love House Mouse.
I wish I would have done a little better centering the bow.... but it looks okay. I even pulled my crimper out on this one. Haven't used that baby in a while. I really like the look it gives. I may end up adding some kind of sentiment inside too. It is looking kinda plain. Although we have a lot of people at work that have to sign it. Only two more cards to go for my December birthdays at work. I'm having a blast making all these cards and learning new techniques as I go. After I get the birthdays done I need to make my parents anniversary card. I'm on the hunt for a new type of card I have tried yet. Things the the trifold card, gate card, diamond fold, etc. Any suggestions? I want something really, really cool. I don't mind a lot of work. It will be a very special card.

Thanks for looking.
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